Long day child care centre

Our Philosophy

Excellent Kids Montessori is different to a typical long Childcare centre— there’s a difference in our passionate educational team that we are very proud of. When you step inside our environment you will be impressed by children working purposefully and happily with each other and with the educators. You will experience the calm and peaceful atmosphere and you will be enthused by a centre which is dedicatedly enthusiastic in teaching your children life skills by using everyday materials; including crockery, stainless steel, wood and on occasions, glass. 

At Excellent Kids Montessori, we endeavour to create opportunities to ensure our children are confident and involved learners by upholding the vision of education and its philosophy as an “aid to life”. Our approach is designed to specifically help children to grow in their life skills during their most formative years— early childhood. 

Excellent Kids Montessori will benefit your children for life, for here we provide a specifically designed learning process to suit your child’s unique development at his/her own pace in a safe, caring and inspiring environment. Our aim is to ensure children have a strong sense of identity by supporting children’s independence. Every room is well equipped with purpose designed resources. Our centre is built to foster creative, innovative and independent thinking, also to instil in them a great love for learning. 

The Montessori philosophy is underpinned by a profound respect for the child. Children at Excellent Kids Montessori learn to respect themselves, others and the environment. These are considered foundation skills. Our learning environment nurtures children’s individual creativities extends their curiosities and inspires them to explore their environment. 

As educators we understand that children’s communication skills are vitally important, and we acknowledge children’s verbal and nonverbal cues as meaningful communication. We strive to ensure children are effective communicators by including languages from other cultures and encourage families from other cultures to participate and contribute within our programs. We aim to provide children with access to a wide range of media and different communication technologies, including iPads and other interactive smart boards to investigate cause and effect, symbolism and engaging in play opportunities. This will, in turn, teach lifelong learning skills that children can make use of and build upon in the future. 

We seek to create a genuine community spirit by building relationships amongst staff, our community, families and children. At Excellent Kids Montessori, we esteem all our connections highly. We feel it’s important to ensure children relate to and contribute to their world. Our goal is to support our families in giving their children the best opportunities to achieve their full potentials. We therefore provide educational sessions to our families and community on a regular basis to allow parents to learn more about Excellent Kids Montessori and the Montessori methodology.
Our educators believe in actively aiding our children’s character development in self-motivation, benevolence and resilience. By ensuring this philosophy is the foundation of every aspect of our centre practices we are safeguarding our children have a strong sense of wellbeing and are happy, healthy and valued members of the community.  

This philosophy was developed in conjunction with management, family and team member feedback in January 2018.