2-12 Springvale Circuit, UNDERWOOD, Qld, 4119
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Our Physical Environment

It is the environment that is inspiring and inviting to the children. From the moment you step inside our center, you will notice it is calm, orderly and visually attractive. It is filled with materials and activities that are real life, purposeful and engaging. Activities are displayed on open shelving easily accessible to the children. Our activities are specifically chosen and match the developmental stages of the children in our classes. We are proud of our exceptional indoor and outdoor spaces which are well integrated and available for class activities at all times.

Our Social Environment

We offer multi-age groupings for our children, similar to those in a typical family This enables our children to develop a sense of caring, social cohesion and responsibility for each other and their environment. Our age groupings include the following:

Nido & Infant House
6 weeks to 2 years
 1 educator to every 4 children
8 per room
Toddler House 1 & 2
  15 months to 3 years 
  1 educator to every 5 children
  10 per room
Junior House 1 & 2
  15 months to 3 years
  1 educator to every 5 children 
  15 per room
Children's House 1 & 2
3 years to 6 years
   1 educator to every 11 children
  22 per room