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It is important that you understand the following details about your fees:

• All booked days (including public holidays, sick days, holidays and other absences) will be charged for.
• A late fee of $15.00 per quarter of an hour, or part thereof, will apply if a child is collected after closing time. 
• Two weeks written notice is required when changing a child’s booked days, or when leaving the centre. In lieu of such notice period, two weeks full fees will be charged.
• Fees must be paid on the first day of attendance each week/fortnight (depending on chosen payment frequency). 
• Fees must be paid at least one week in advance of attendance at all times.
• Failure to comply with payment of fees may lead to termination of enrolment

Child care fee per day:

Nido: $110

Toddler: $109

Pre-kindy & Kindy" $107

If you get Child Care Benefit as reduced fees your family will have a Child Care Benefit percentage. It’s on the assessment notice you get from the Family Assistance Office. Your child care service uses your percentage to work out your child care fee reduction.

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