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What is the Montessori  Methodology

Montessori childcare center

Excellent Kids Montessori will benefit your children for life, for here we provide a specifically designed learning process to suit your child’s unique development at his/her own pace in a safe, caring and inspiring environment. Every room is well equipped with purpose-designed resources. Our centre is built to foster creative, innovative and independent thinking, also to instil in them a great love for learning.

The Montessori method is designed to support a child’s unique individual development with a prepared, focused and personalised environment. Excellent Kids Montessori adopts this approach to facilitate all children to joyfully, excitedly and responsibly engage themselves in their learning journey.

We aim to connect, partner and work closely with our families to offer their precious children our best learning experiences. We work towards empowering your child to achieve and develop a good self-esteem, a desire for exploration and learning, an aspiration for innovation and understanding. Also we shall inspire in them a considerate and respectful attitude towards others and our natural environment.

We seek to create a genuine community spirit by building relationships amongst staff, our community, families and children. At Excellent Kids Montessori, we esteem all our connections highly. Our goal is to support our families in giving their children the best opportunities to achieve their full potentials. We therefore provide educational sessions to our families and community on a regular basis to allow parents to learn more about Excellent Kids Montessori and the Montessori Methodology.

Our educators believe in actively aiding our children’s character development in self-motivation, benevolence and resilience.